Endurance Rally Association

The Transamerica Endurance Rally has 33 cars from all over the world. Driving to the four-corners of the Earth requires the very best levels of support - the Endurance Rally Association, with nearly 70 events behind them, is a highly-experienced Organization supporting Entrants with top-flight back up. From Outer Mongolia to the Kalahari, from the foot of Mount Everest to the Grand Canyon, the E.R.A. supports entrants with highly-experienced teams - driving carefully researched, well-planned routes.

If you would like to be a Corporate Sponsor, contact Pam King at +1 401 954 0606.

METAvivor is led by volunteers, many of whom live with the daily challenge of metastatic breast cancer. We work hard to keep expenses to a minimum, but we do have administrative costs, including web hosting, audits, insurance, registration fees, printing, and supplies. 100% of all donations raised by Drive4StageIV will be allocated towards its research grants.

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